"Puppies for Everyone to Love""Puppies for Everyone to Love"

Welcome to Grannys Grand Puppies.  I am Granny Ophelia Klutts and I am privileged to own, breed, find Happy Forever Homes for, and most importantly LOVE the finest German Shepherd Dogs anywhere.  I am Passionate about German Shepherds, and strive in my breeding program to improve the breed with the Awesome Puppies I produce.  I am blessed to have bred many Awesome German Shepherd Dogs including my current Stud Dog, Grand Duke Caribbean Vanquisher, fondly known as Champ.  I am also very blessed to have bred my daughter’s best friend, Grand Duke Scooby Doobie Doo, currently available for stud in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I truly believe every life can be enhanced by an intelligent, loyal intuitive German Shepherd.  Let me invite you to browse through my website and hopefully join me in my passion for the German Shepherd Dog.  As a sign in my den reads, and I truly agree,


"A House is not A Home without a German Shepherd!!!"


Granny Ophelia

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