"Puppies for Everyone to Love""Puppies for Everyone to Love"

Available Puppies

Grand Lady Hawaiian Princess Lalani and

Grand Duke Kanaloa have done it again and produced another awesome litter of AKC German Shepherds.
We have 6 and they are all strong and healthy.  Born on July 8, 2024

We Have:

3 Black and Tan Girls

1 Solid White Boy (Chosen Already)

1 Panda Girl


1 Panda Boy

(1st Choice of the Pandas is Taken)


If what you were wanting is not available no worries Dottie West is due this week and we are very excited to see what she and Kanaloa produce. 


This is Lalani and Kanaloa's third fabulous litter. They have produced fantastic puppies in the past and we are confident these latest puppies will be just as awesome.


This will be Dottie West's first littter and we are excited to see what she and Kanaloa are going to produce.


All of our puppies are $1,200 each

with a Deposit of $250 to hold the puppy of your choice.

All GrannysGrandPuppies come with a

Full One Year Health Guarantee

and ALL  of our Mothers and our Stud Kanaloa have been

DNA Tested and clear of all Genetic Issues.  


We will offer a Discount on Dottie's first litter to anyone who agrees to keep in touch with updates and pictures to let me know how these puppies develop throughout their life so I can evaluate the quality of the pairing.

Please Call or Text Granny anytime

@ 601-402-3750 to find out more about these exciting puppies or future litters, to Request a Sample Deposit Contract, or to schedule a visit to our Home to meet Granny Ophelia and Kip, Kanaloa, all the Moms, and the whole Family.

As a sign in my den reads and I totally agree,


"A house is not a Home without a German Shepherd!!!"


 GrannysGrandPuppies Super Stud

Grand Duke Kanaloa

Father to all Our Puppies

New Mother Again

Grand Lady Hawaiian Princess Lalani

Expecting Mother

Grand Lady Dottie West

Kanaloa with His Past Lalani Puppies

Please Enjoy the Video Links below of Kanaloa and Laloni's Past Awesome Puppies!!!

Proud Mommy

Grand Lady Princess Blue Eyes
will be making More Fabulous Puppies before too long!!!

To find out more about our future GrannysGrandPuppies,

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Request to See a Sample Contract,

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or to be added to the Waiting/Notification List

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Smiles, Granny Ophelia 


Don't Snooze, You Might Lose!! 

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