"Puppies for Everyone to Love""Puppies for Everyone to Love"

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Northern Light Grand Lady Angel Eyes and  Aegon Panda Targaryen  are Thrilled to Announce another Awesome Litter born on Saturday, March 13, 2021. 
6 Girls: 4 Beautiful Panda-Colored and 2 Gorgeous Black and Tan or Black and Creams.

They all have already found their Fabulous Forever Home except 1 very special girl. Yellow Girl, now being called Ellie Mae, has started beginning basic training, as well as house and crate training. 
She is still $1,200 at this time. 


Our next litters are expected toward the end of July 2021. 


Please Contact me, Granny Ophelia, to find how you can place a deposit on one of this Exciting Puppy Or Uncoming Litters. 
Call or Text @ 601-402-3750

or email: 

This is my Grand Lady Hawaiian Princess Lalani, an awesome Service Dog in Training from Angel and Aegon's last Awesome Litter.  

And two of Lalani's Brothers Jake and Bourbon. 


Please contact me to find out how to make One of These Awesome Puppies or a Future Grannypuppy Yours!!!


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for Updates on this Awesome litter!!! 

Smiles, Granny Ophelia 


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